TOP highest paying Bitcoin games 2020

More deposit, more return

In fact, the solution to the problem is very simple. It lies in the peculiarities of any casino operating. Payments are depended on the amount of money that players bet. Every slot as well as other Bitcoin game returns fixed percentage of money — RTP (Return to Player). Normally, this feature is 94% or more. For example, if players bet 10 BTC the game with RTP 94% returns 9,4 BTC. No one knows which of players will win this amount. It can be divided between all or paid to one lucky casino buff.

Based on the above casino games feature it is not difficult to understand which highest paying Bitcoin games are. They are those slots that were deposited more during recent period. How to find such games? It is very easy. Most casinos provide players with the list of TOP popular pokies. Moreover, there are some online gambling websites where you can follow the statistics of bets for some period (day, week, and month). Here you should just follow the changings. If the amount rises there is more chance to win much.

One else important feature of high paying Bitcoin games choice is their volatility. The higher it, the higher payments customer can get. However, if you choose slots with high volatility, be ready for a long waiting. Here it is necessary to have full bankroll. If you have no such, it is better to play pokies with Middle or Low volatility. Winnings are more often here, and if you are lucky they can also be high.

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